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FAQ about Year Round School



FAQ about Balanced Calendar School for School Year 


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Frequently Asked Questions

If I chose not to attend Wolf Meadow next year due to the balanced calendar not working for my family, what other options do I have? If you feel that the balanced calendar will not work for your family  parents can opt out, complete the transfer request during the designated transfer period and then if approved the county office will notify the family of the school placement for the upcoming school year.   


Will transportation be provided if I choose to opt out? At this time the CCS Board is NOT planning on offering transportation for families that choose to opt out. 


Will my child have to attend school more days than other children in the county? No, children attending year-round school attend school for 180 days, the same as all other students in the county. Our days are arranged differently though. Students attend school for nine consecutive weeks, holidays included, and then they are out of school for three consecutive weeks.


Will my child get the same holidays as my middle and/or high school student? Yes, every effort has been made to make sure that our balanced calendar shares the same holidays as the traditional calendar, with exception to the fall break, the traditional calendar does not have a fall break.


Will my child be out of school when my older children are in school? There may be times when your elementary child will be out of school on days that your middle and high school children are in school. There will be enrichment/remedial programs offered at the school during the three-week breaks. You will also have the option to place your child in Kids Plus our after school program.


How long is my child's summer break? Your child's summer break will begin on June 10, 2015 (like the traditional calendar schools) and will be approximately five weeks in length.


Will childcare be available during the three-week break? The county offers Kids Plus to parents who need childcare throughout the school year and in the summer months. During our breaks, you can sign up to use Kids Plus or find childcare on your own. We will offer camps during intercessions; however, you will need to provide transportation. 


Will the school library be open during the intercession weeks? Yes


Will there be summer programs offered at the school? Not at this time. Our custodial staff and technology staff need to clean and prepare the school for the upcoming school year.